“What keeps me going is the strong sense of purpose and commitment shared by all in the RSAF family. I have had the opportunity to shape Singapore‚Äôs defence policies and represent Singapore in multilateral exercises. The RSAF has supported my growth as a commander, leader and team player. Most of all, it has been a very caring organisation.”


BG Gan Siow Huang

“Looking back, my proudest moment was when I became the very first female UAV pilot as part of the pioneer batch of trainees. More recently, however, I feel a sense of satisfaction and achievement on seeing my students complete their training successfully as full-fledged UAV Pilots.”


MAJ Sylvia Koh

“Sometimes it can be challenging to balance family and work commitments (especially with 3 kids to juggle), but it helps to have an understanding family and thoughtful bosses. While it can get a little hectic sometimes, I am fortunate to enjoy work-life balance.”


MAJ Gurdeep Kaur

“As Ground Based Air Defence personnel, we are entrusted with 24/7 duties to defend the nation around the clock. In the event of a terrorist attack or threat, we are always ready to take down the aerial threats to safeguard our peace, if need be. This means that everything we do on a daily basis is all very real and purposeful.”


MSG Hui Xian

“The Air Force has trained me to think faster and more effectively, as well as to enhance my critical thinking skills. Every decision we make is a mission-critical one, which requires that we analyse situations to better understand the bigger picture. Everything that we do has a consequence and impact down the line, especially on operations.”


ME4 Chen Li Zhen