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Explore our FAQs below if you have any further queries.
If you need additional information to specific questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 1800 270 1010 or email us at

You will need to pass your NAPFA, and also a medical screening in order to join. Subsequently, you are expected to clear the standard IPPT annually, depending on your age and medical PES status.

Keeping fit and healthy is a vital requirement for all active personnel. However, depending on the nature of your role in the RSAF, the daily physical demands may vary.

There may be certain eyesight or height requirements that are specific to each vocation. Please visit our Vocations section to find out more.

The RSAF has provisions for benefits such as maternity leave, paternity leave for fathers, and childcare and child sick leave that one can apply for. Superiors are also understanding in giving parents the time and space to care for their children as required.

The RSAF also actively engages families of service personnel for them to understand our jobs better and in turn, give us the necessary support.

Family support also extends to personnel posted overseas for long-term detachments. They can be accompanied by their families on these postings. Their spouses will also be reimbursed a portion of his/her last-drawn salary and their children’s tuition fees will be supported by the organisation.

Yes. You will be allowed to wear basic face make-up, as well as lipstick and nail polish of a natural colour. However, flamboyant make-up styles and bold colours are not permitted, as they are inappropriate in a military environment.

Servicewomen are to style their hair neatly, where it does not interfere with the proper wearing of the headdress. The length of the hair should not go beyond the lower collar fold, and personnel with hair longer than that are required to tie it up in a braid, bun, or ponytail.

Hair tints or accessories should be inconspicuous, and of a natural colour.

All BMTs run for a duration of 9 weeks. You will be assigned to the Combat or Service BMT depending on the Vocation you applied for. The Combat and Service BMT will run selectively throughout the year.

You can apply through our online application form or visit us at the Air Force Recruitment Centre at this address: 3 Depot Road #01-43 Singapore 109680